Sunday, March 9, 2008

Well back to france

What a day I had yesterday! If it could go wrong it sure as heck did!

The worst bit of all had to be not being able to get two seats together on the plane, and the unhelpful attitude of both the Air Hostess and certain passengers. I could not believe that the hostess was willing for a 6 year old to be seporated from his mother. We were sent to the wrong gate, and once the mix up was fixed, and we arrived at the correct gate we were at the back of the line. (Easy Jet).

On getting on the plane there were only single seats availble, so I asked the hostess if she could ask a couple of single passangers to sit together to let me sit with my son, she totally ignored me! it was as if I did'nt exist. When I asked what looked like a nice woman if she could move across a seat, to at least let me be within view of Ross, she refused as she did'nt want to sit in a middle seat. it looked like I would not even be able to see him during the flight, at this point he was getting a little freaked out!

Luckily a very nice young couple offered to sit seporately to let Ross and I be together. thank goodness some folks have some manners.

I just can't beleive how loads of single people were sitting trying soooooo hard not to know what was going on, and that the flight staff were so unhelpful!

Well rant over, I'm just glad to be back home and sleeping in my own bed again.

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Jane said...

OMg Jacs thats aweful, as for Easy Jet Staff, I personally would complain at being ignorred, but I guess in the end it won't really do any good.

Sooo pleased that your home safe and sound and that on the whole you had a good break with your parents xx