Monday, February 25, 2008

One more day to vacation.

Yup tomorrow Ross and i are off to Scotland! It seems like ages since we booked this vactaion, so it's strange to think that this time tomorrow we will be leaving for the airport.

Today is cleaning, packing, shopping and probably more cleaning!! After all whatever does not get done "my way" today will get done "hubbys way" when I'm gone.... deffinately not the same thing!

I need to try to remember to pack all the scrap related things I have to send out when I'm in the UK. I've got swaps going to the USA, Raks going to the UK, Birthday and Mothers day cards to send when in the UK..... I'll probably have to turn the appartment upside down to find half of the stuff this afternoon.... don't forget to print out all the addresses too.

One of the projects I need to remember to take with me. A frame Ross & I made for my mum ages ago.
And just to finish off here is the mothers day card. I've had the paper so long I don't even remember where I got it, A RAK I think as it is 6x6 and I never buy that size. I outlined MOTHER in lilac Stickles... I love that stuff! Oh and I've added tiny pink bling to the end of the swirls since I took the photo (guess I just can't help myself tinkering with things).

Big thanks to all the ladies from SCRAPITUDE for encouraging me with my Blogging.


Jane said...

Gorgeous I love what you have done with this! Love you new blog too xx

cathy c said...

Welcome back to blogland Jaks!

danemi1 said...

I absolutely love your photo frame - its yummy - and a very nice card too - hope you are having a great time over in blighty hun


Jane said...

Pop over to my blog Jacs and see whats there for you ;)