Monday, March 10, 2008

First day back at work....

Not too bad! The usual overflowing mail box of course, but generally my team have kept on top of things and not overloaded my box with stuff.

Today has been an awful day weather wise here in France. It seems the worst was in parts of England and Northern France, but I can still honestly say it has terrible here too. Disney closed some attractions and areas due to the high winds, and the rain must have made for a pretty miserable day for anyone who was visiting the parks.

I let the nice couple who let me sit with Ross on the airoplane into the Parks as a king of "thank you", I hope they managed to have some fun despite the weather.

Well here is a little photo of Scotland in "better weather" to remind me that not every day is rainy and cold.

Ahhh to be beside the seaside.....

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