Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy week.

Well after the unexpected days off things were madly busy when I got back to work (as i suspected).

I have however managed to do two more LOs this week, which is a major amount of scrapping for me in a single week.

The first one is a total departure for me.... pink, hearts..... but still a photo of Ross. Greg hates it so I have taken it to work. It was a great excuse to renew some of my photos on my desk. I really must do something new for my desk "sous main" ..... for the life of me I can't remember what you call this in sad is that! It's the large thing that covers my desk top.... Anyway the one i have now is nearing 5 years old and was made when i was just starting scrapbooking.... basically it's a large sheet of red paper with different shaped windows for photos and some stickers...yeuck!

The second LO is a photo I took on our weekend in Quend. Just a jug filled with dried flowers but somehow it was really atmospheric and a great reminder of our cottage.

Monday, April 14, 2008

What a day!

Got to school to be told there was no teacher! So coma home made arrangements with work... then the telephone goes.... they have got a supply teacher can I take Ross in after Lunch?? No chance! To top it all off they also have the cheek to be on strike tomorrow so i have to be off work then too.

So I scrapped!

This is for a challenge on SCRAPITUDE. No patterned paper allowed, so only cardstock and embellies. I had a lot of fun doing this one.
well off to tidy up before Hubby gets home to find scrapping stuff all over the lounge. LOL.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Greg at 40!

Well today is hubbys 40th! Ohhhhhhh scary!

All is quiet as both of "my men" have gone to Disney to get some pins for a friend of ours.

Work has been really bust this week so I've had no time to scrap. All i've done is a couple of Birthday cards, 1 for Greg of course and 1 for his aunt.

We are off out tonight to a concert so I don't think I'll be getting anything much done today other than cleaning! Tommorrow will be a day out at Disney if the weather is not too bad so no scrapping then either.

here is the super simple LO I did last week of Ross playing on the floor in Quend. I love these photos as they are so natural, the joy of not needing a flash when you have a house that is full of light (such a change from our dark appartment!!).

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wow it's April already.

Just realised! Well you know what I mean. It's the 7th and I jsut seem to getting into the "groove".

Friday I started feeling a bit "off colour" and sure enough by Saturday I had another horrible cold. this year seems to have been full of them so far. I'm a bit better today but still feeling sluggish.

Needless to say I only scrapped one page, and that was super simple. Of course Greg loves it all the more for that! A tiny bit of patterned paper which I covered with a journaling block and a few tiny shiny embellies, thats it.... oh and three photos!! I need to take a decent photo before i can post anywhere.

DH got his laptop PC (supposed to be his 40th birthday present), and spent most of the weekend grappling with Windows Vista.... talk about complicated! Well all I can say is that the half hour I spent on it was great.... until my completely pointless game crashed... so what's different from my desktop???