Monday, June 30, 2008

Two posts in the same!!!

Just a quick one to show off my latest LO. I did this one for the Scrapping the Music challenge, but did'nt get it mailed to them in time!. Ah well I like it anyway, even if it is very different from my normal LOs. It's "Girly" , It's got PINK on it..... and worse still it's got ME on it!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Yup thats me. I can't believe the end of the school year is here already. In just 5 days Ross will be going to Scotland for the summer! So end of year means endless summer fairs, exhibitions, plays etc, etc.... No time for scrapping at all! (But loads of new photographs so I guess thats the bonus).

The only "crafty" stuff I have done is a few cards, so not much to show I'm afraid. On a totally "up" note I have treated myself to a cuttlebug, so no more embossing using a rolling pin! It should be at my mums when I arrive on Friday, yippeeeee.I kind of went Red& Black mad! Card 1 is made using some lovely flowers which were demoed on the "inspirational" blog, card 2 is using up some of my enormous stach of ATCs from swaps, Card 3 is some stamped images covered in "Stickles", oh I love that stuff!, and Card 4 is another ATC used as a centerpiece.

TFL, have a great week.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm on a roll...

Another day another LO!! I did this one for the "Scrapping the Music" challenge this week. I love the song and have wanted for so long to participate in these challenges (somehow I never get around to doing the LOs on time!!).

I took these photos by chance this week, they were basically snapshots of DH sitting in a shaft of sunlight one morning this week, by some miracle I love the way they came out, and this one just seemed so perfect for the challenge.The white flowers and frame were stamped onto a transparencie which I then heat embossed (yes I did manage to singe my fingers as the transparency got much hotter than I imagined it would!). The gold flowers were made using Stickles which I let dry and cut around. I finally used this paper which has been in my stash for ever. Someday I'll get to the bottom of the paper mountain!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Missing again...

Well I've been missing as it's been a bit busy here lately.
Amongst all the activity I have however managed a few projects.

1. Greg ran a 3kilometer race a few weeks ago...

2. Mothers day was also recently celebrated....

3. I bought some cuttlebug embossing folders and did some 3d work which I've not done in a while. I should probably buy the cuttlebug machine it may make using the folders easier LOL.

And to top it all off last night we had a little visitor...Ross found a bat in his bedroom. I've no idea how long he was in the house but I spent hours researching on the web for how to help him. At 1am this morning I was hanging out of the bedroom window trying to get him to drink! Thank goodness no-one was watching, it must have looked really odd. By this morning he seems to have recoverd enough to re-join his friends. I took a couple of photos but the are not great as we did not want to use the flash in case it freightened him.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a great week

I got to meet Tina from Scrapitudes.... we had a blast!

Work wise it was same old same old.... busy, frustrating and occasionally maddening!

Here are a couple of projects from this week, firstly just for fun a pickie of Tina which I took when we had lunch on Friday! I just could not help myself from creating a digital LO to post at Scrapitudes. (this was a pre made page, I must try to find it again to give proper credit to the creator).

Second Tina gave me the most amazing bag of goodies when we met. In it was a lovely domed box, which became my new ATC box yesterday!
Box covered in Rust Pickle paper, various Ribbon and lace from my stash and a selection of Flowers and buttons. The entire thing was then covered with a high gloss glaze to give it a "wet look" and a sealed exterior.

I think I may be enjoying altering a little too much.... DH is starting to ask what I will be sticking flowers on next!