Monday, March 31, 2008

What a wonderful weekend.

This weekend was Andre's 60th Birthday party, so we went to Quend Plage for the weekend. Sally had hired all 7 gites and we invited Evelyn and Christoph and Audrey to join us (friends from work). It was a blast!

Greg, Ross and I travelled up with Sally & Andre on Friday (in the torrential rain), to set up the gites and start preparing for people arriving. Saturday we spent touring around the area, and we actually got some great sunshine, even if it was windy and cold. In the evening we had dinner for 50 ish, followed by Andre's party. Have to admit we did not participate much in the party as Ross and Greg both went to bed before it really got started!

Sunday daytime we did a bit more exploring, then helped tidy up, before coming home at 5pm ish! All in a very nice weekend, but i admit to being shattered now!

Took some great photos to scrap too!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well I never!

Ross came home after an outing with his play center with a little gem yesterday (please remember he is only six!!).

The Farmer took a "daddy" bunny and a "mummy" bunny and put them in the same cage. The "daddy" jumped on the "mummy" and gave her a special "moving hug"..... which the farmer proceeded to explain was his way of "planting a seed, which will grow into a baby bunny"!!

OK so first reaction.... Hysterical laughter..... second reaction amazement.....followed by sniggering in the kitchen.... followed by a bit of annoyance that they deliberately showed this to a group of kids from age 3 to 9, did we all learn about such things in such a graphic way, at such an early age?

Opinions gladly received!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter monday...

DH has just gone to work, he was feeling really bad yesterday (a bad cold), and I was not sure he would go in today, but he decided to go in anyway.

So far I've done the kitchen, changed the net curtains, put on washing, folded washing..... amongst other things. I'm feeling rather proud of myself... so I'm going to scrap!

Here is a LO I did yesterday. I was so unsure about it that I asked for the advice of the gals at Scrapitude, It seemed that I just kept wanting to add more! In the end I think I restrained myself pretty well. The doodling was cheating for me as I used a template, then I coloured it in using Stickles. It is much more shiny in real life.

Well off to hunt for the next photo/s to be scrapped. I'm really "in the mood" and what's amazing is that I'm scrapping with no feeling of being "missing" anything that I need, happy with my paper and card selection , my embellies and my tools! How cool is that!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I scrapped!! Yeh!!

Yup, I scrapped. So simple, so fun.

Seems like I'm going through a simple stage, LOs are mainly cardstock, tiny bits of paper, some bling and some 3d foam (My pictured don't show it but I've been doing a lot of photos which "pop" of the pages).

I can't seem to take good photos of my LOs, but no matter they still make me happy in real life, even if they are slightly "wrong" in the photos, due to having nothing but horrible artificial light!
here are two i've finished, Dunbar harbour during the week and "Those Eyes" today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Testing times


thats how i'm feeling today. I just want to let off some steam. If it can go wrong it will, if it should have some time to be done.... it's needed yesterday and given today!

Oh yeh then I had my weekly dentist appointment, just to make me feel perfect!

Here are a couple of older LOs of mine.... reminders of smiley times.

One of my wedding photos.... back in 1999 I thought this was how to display photos in an album!

I hope to get some more good photos of Ross and Audrey together next week.... more about that another day!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday night already.... Where did the week go?

I just can't believe it! This week has totally flown past. It seems just yesterday i was just home from Scotland, and it's already been a week.

I have to admit it's been a productive and eventful week too scrapping wise.

Created 2 LOs & 1 card so far, and joined a team on UKScrappers. Now I know I've hardly been to UKS for the last couple of years, but somehow when I was in the UK I got hooked again. I find the general boards a bit too big to handle (I still love Scrapitude for how small and friendly the board is), so I decided to go looking for a team to join as this tends to get me involved, but at a smaller scale. It's amazing how quickly the ladies have welcomed me and accepted me.... foibles and all!
(one of my two LOs, much simpler than normal!).
Nothing much planned for this weekend, we'll just see what unfolds.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 2.... working mum.... disaster waiting to happen

Yup Day 2 of my working week.... and I am definately a disaster waiting to happen. I can't seem to talk coherently in either English or French..... concentrate on anything for more than 5 mins..... or generally get anything done.

This makes me smile:
Only in a small town would you still find a Police Station with a gleaming Brass lamp and flower boxes on the windowsills. I have finished a LO with this photo which I will uplad later..... nice pretty image to get me through the rest of today.

Monday, March 10, 2008

First day back at work....

Not too bad! The usual overflowing mail box of course, but generally my team have kept on top of things and not overloaded my box with stuff.

Today has been an awful day weather wise here in France. It seems the worst was in parts of England and Northern France, but I can still honestly say it has terrible here too. Disney closed some attractions and areas due to the high winds, and the rain must have made for a pretty miserable day for anyone who was visiting the parks.

I let the nice couple who let me sit with Ross on the airoplane into the Parks as a king of "thank you", I hope they managed to have some fun despite the weather.

Well here is a little photo of Scotland in "better weather" to remind me that not every day is rainy and cold.

Ahhh to be beside the seaside.....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Well back to france

What a day I had yesterday! If it could go wrong it sure as heck did!

The worst bit of all had to be not being able to get two seats together on the plane, and the unhelpful attitude of both the Air Hostess and certain passengers. I could not believe that the hostess was willing for a 6 year old to be seporated from his mother. We were sent to the wrong gate, and once the mix up was fixed, and we arrived at the correct gate we were at the back of the line. (Easy Jet).

On getting on the plane there were only single seats availble, so I asked the hostess if she could ask a couple of single passangers to sit together to let me sit with my son, she totally ignored me! it was as if I did'nt exist. When I asked what looked like a nice woman if she could move across a seat, to at least let me be within view of Ross, she refused as she did'nt want to sit in a middle seat. it looked like I would not even be able to see him during the flight, at this point he was getting a little freaked out!

Luckily a very nice young couple offered to sit seporately to let Ross and I be together. thank goodness some folks have some manners.

I just can't beleive how loads of single people were sitting trying soooooo hard not to know what was going on, and that the flight staff were so unhelpful!

Well rant over, I'm just glad to be back home and sleeping in my own bed again.