Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well I never!

Ross came home after an outing with his play center with a little gem yesterday (please remember he is only six!!).

The Farmer took a "daddy" bunny and a "mummy" bunny and put them in the same cage. The "daddy" jumped on the "mummy" and gave her a special "moving hug"..... which the farmer proceeded to explain was his way of "planting a seed, which will grow into a baby bunny"!!

OK so first reaction.... Hysterical laughter..... second reaction amazement.....followed by sniggering in the kitchen.... followed by a bit of annoyance that they deliberately showed this to a group of kids from age 3 to 9, did we all learn about such things in such a graphic way, at such an early age?

Opinions gladly received!


cathy c said...

hummmmmmm!! well, I can't remember mine being taught at such a young age even without the graphics! can't help with how you should react hun, sorry! ......... good luck & I'm sure however you follow it up will be the right way!

Carolyn Phillips said...

It is how I explained things to my kids more or less when they asked questions at that age...we had a special hug rather than a moving hug.
Not sure about it told at play centre/school etc at that age though...where they on a farm with it happening before their eyes so the teacher HAD to say something?

Jane said...

Hmmm I am certain that my reaction to this would have been exactly the same as yours jacs and in the same order I'm sure. Being a mum of 4 grown sons, I know for a fact that they learn all this on there own at there own pace, and by asking suttle questions of their trusted peers......thank goodness in my case thier favourite peer was normally grandad :)
Still, children do seem to grow up so much earlier these days, and I would start preparing yourself for some untimely questions soon. Oh yes, and they do pick there moments to ask too, normally when you are in a situation that you would rather not talk about it :))

My only advice would be to answer any questions as honestly & openly as you can.