Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wow 6 already!

Yesterday Ross was 6! Hard for me to believe that my little boy is growing so fast.

We had a great day out with his godparents Sally & Andre. A visit to the natural History museum and a wonderful lunch (even if the service was incredibly slow!). We then came home and met with Ivo & Luke, friend of ours from Belgium. they of course had yet more gifts for Ross and we had a quick Pizza meal and a small cake to celebrate (too much cake all in one day!).

Greg & Ross are off to Disney for the day with the guys from Belgium, leaving me to scrap to my hearts content.... call all I've done so far are a couple of cards and some tags fro a swap on


Sandie said...

Gorgeous photos! Ross is such a handsome young man ;)

Julia said...

Great photos Jaks. I agree with Sandie Ross is so handsome. He is going to be a right little heartbreaker.

Pam said...

Funny I was going to say what a handsome wee man Ross is- and then I see Julia's and Sandie's comments-well it must be true!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh i so wish my boys were still that age , a handsome chap.
Now wheres my slice of cake ?? ;)

thank i may come up Anon but i cant read french lol


Anonymous said...

Wow! Ross is such a cutie! I'm sure I see a bit of you in him.


Can't remember my password, so will be another anonymous!

Jane said...

Not just cake but chocolate cake *yummy* I can't believe how big Ross has grown, he really is a looker......hold him tight Mum, he's gonna break a heart or 3 before long LOL