Monday, April 7, 2008

Wow it's April already.

Just realised! Well you know what I mean. It's the 7th and I jsut seem to getting into the "groove".

Friday I started feeling a bit "off colour" and sure enough by Saturday I had another horrible cold. this year seems to have been full of them so far. I'm a bit better today but still feeling sluggish.

Needless to say I only scrapped one page, and that was super simple. Of course Greg loves it all the more for that! A tiny bit of patterned paper which I covered with a journaling block and a few tiny shiny embellies, thats it.... oh and three photos!! I need to take a decent photo before i can post anywhere.

DH got his laptop PC (supposed to be his 40th birthday present), and spent most of the weekend grappling with Windows Vista.... talk about complicated! Well all I can say is that the half hour I spent on it was great.... until my completely pointless game crashed... so what's different from my desktop???

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