Saturday, April 12, 2008

Greg at 40!

Well today is hubbys 40th! Ohhhhhhh scary!

All is quiet as both of "my men" have gone to Disney to get some pins for a friend of ours.

Work has been really bust this week so I've had no time to scrap. All i've done is a couple of Birthday cards, 1 for Greg of course and 1 for his aunt.

We are off out tonight to a concert so I don't think I'll be getting anything much done today other than cleaning! Tommorrow will be a day out at Disney if the weather is not too bad so no scrapping then either.

here is the super simple LO I did last week of Ross playing on the floor in Quend. I love these photos as they are so natural, the joy of not needing a flash when you have a house that is full of light (such a change from our dark appartment!!).

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