Friday, May 20, 2011

Year 41.... RUBBISH 42 will be better!

Rubbish pretty well sums up my 41st year! Accidents, Money Worries, Work issues, life balance issues..... So

42 WILL BE BETTER. In actual fact it has started wonderfully.

last Saturday was my Birthday and we had a wonderful day out with friends. Bargain Shopping (always good), although it was in a favourite shop which is closing down (sad bit), Spring faire in the town where our friends live, and a lovely dinner at their place in the evening.

On Wednesday I was on a day off and went to Lagny Sur marne to the most wonderful French Market, and visited a new Scrap Shop which is beautiful (and a loss less expensive than Paris!). Tea in the local Bar which is run by a Brit, Lunch by the river marne. Perfect! In the afternoon swimming as a family.

Today (friday) I'm off again. Plans so far...... finish window boxes (I bought beautiful flowers at the faire on Saturday). Bit of cleaning then Scrap, Scrap, Scrap.

42 will be better.

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