Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh I hurt all over

Yester day I had another Oops.......

I fell inside the bus! The floor was wet and when the bus stopped I slipped and fell on my back. That was Ouch enought but things got worse when I was in the office....... to the point where I ended up being stretchered out in front of all of my team!

This morning I've woken up feeling a lot more sore than yesterday. My arm, hip and "rear end" are brused, but the worst is my neck. I feel like it's frozen and moving in certain ways sends shooting pain up the back of my head.

My 41st year has not been my best! Bring on my 42nd, let's hope it's a bit more accident free!

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Nancy said...

Love the previous post with winter page. Hope you are feeling better :)