Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soooooooo lazy!

It's been months!

I've not scrapped, not even made a card for weeks now....... maybe it was just the summer lul..... maybe I've just completely lost "it".... don't know.

I still look at scrapping stuff, even buy the occasional "bit", just can't seem to ever get inspired or be "in the mood".Somehow I feel like I've not actually done anything with all the LOs etc I've completed in the past, never have anyone to show them to who has an interest, never display them or really look at tha albums they are in.... so is there still a point to it?

I guess I miss being part of an active community on line, but to be honest I can't get with the bigger sites as I always feel overwhelemed trying to "keep up" with the chat and the challenges etc, and all the smaller sites seem to have dried up over the last year or so.

Hmmmmm how to get myself motivated again.Well moan over, here are a couple of photos from this summer that will definately be on my "to scrap" list if I ever do get around to it.

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