Monday, May 17, 2010

Trips and reasons to scrap

Well it's been a busy few weeks again!

First trip was to Scotland..... on stupid volcano ...... we did'nt know until the day itself whether we would get away or not, then had to worry whether we would get back!

In the end it went fine and Ross & I spent 10 wonderful days relaxing.

Scrap reason 1!

Second trip was to Park Asterix. This was Ross, Greg and my Birthday Present from Sally & Andre.

They arranged to collect us and took us to stay at the Hotel, then we had a lovely evening and a great day in the Park. Not too far from home but a wonderful way to relax over a weekend.

Some great photo ops of course.... Scrapping reason N° 2!

Third trip was a long weekend in Meynal at the foot of the Jura mountains with Sally & Andre.

What a wonderful weekend we had. So nice to see more of France and with the help of lots of fresh air and beautiful scenery this was just what we all needed to get ready for summer.

Of course we have taken loads of photos and I am so ready to start scrapping again.

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Jenny said...

Hi Jacqui!!!
Great photos.....Great holiday.

It has been ages since we have been in touch.....How have you been....

I've re-married.....March this year. VERY HAPPY!!!!