Monday, March 1, 2010

Can't beleive I scrapped!!!

Holey moley i did it Batman!! yes I scrapped.

Feels like ages.

I saw a prompt at Sketches by Tamara that caught my fancy.... a recipe challenge to use Chipboard, paint and staples.

What a great combination to let me get started gently, and allow me to go a bit wild with colour.

So here it is (forgive the lousy photo as hubby has taken my camera on vacation with him....I got left with the "spare")....

You have got to love those little plastic bricks, and how thay can keep kids of all ages (include me and hubby here) entertained for hours.

Chipboard = Letters
paint = painted chippy (I of course chose the primary palet to reflect the bricks)
Staples = Holding down the photos and the rick-rack.

The journaling is written under the patterened paper strips and reads: "What's the biggest obsession in Ross' life? Is there really any question?? None! It could only possibly be 1 thing, LEGO. All shapes, all sizes, all levels. If it's mase with plastic bricks you can build it."

Each letter also has one or more of his lego kits naed on it. I will add more when he comes back from the UK, as I have no idea what most of them are called....but you can be sure he does!

So thanks for the challenge... I needed this hopefully I'll be back to scrapping (and blogging) a bit more frequently!!


Joanie said...

You totally rocked the Recipe Challenge! I love the colorful chipboard letters and the pics are great! My kids loved legos...they are a Mom's best friend!!!! Thanks for playing!

Janine Rachau said...

Great double pager! And super job with the challenge! Love the primary colors for your Legos layout!