Sunday, December 13, 2009

Completely missing

Completely missing both on my Blog and in any and all crafting activities!!

Hopefully I'll get going again soon as we will hopefully be getting my new space sorted out before the new year, and Hubby has bought me some new things for Christmas....just gotta love pointing him in the direction of some lovely on-line scrappy shops!!

I did let him choose his chrissie pressie too so I don't feel too bad in getting him pointed in my preferred direction.

Finally I'm getting into the christmas spirit. That could also be because we have finally had some really cold weather and some flakes of snow. Ross and I went to a preview of the new Disney Film "The Princess and the Frog" today. Can't wait to it to come out in cinemas in January so that I can go and see it in English. I really enjoyed it in French but I'm sure the Original voices and music will make it even better. The animation is brilliant as usual.

Well I'm off to fold some gift boxes, hopefully the beginning of my crafty Christmas bits.

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