Thursday, August 28, 2008

So another month wizzes past..... does anyone read this thing?

OK so another month has passed (more or less), since my last post..... pretty much what I predicted.

Had a great time in Scotland, even despite the weather.... collected Ross and we are now safely back in France.

On the crafting front I've done absolutely nothing! Not a card or a thoughht to a LO. I did however get 300 photographs printed from last year....possibly that may spur me on to doing something with some of them.

I've decided to start a little experiment.... a weekly question to which I would love some folks input. A bit of fun which may or may not be craft related!

Why do I do daft, pointless things? (This weeks most pointless act you may ask??.... actually it's a bad habbit I have and am desperate to stop.... I put two coats of Nail varnish on my nails..... only to spend the rest of the day picking it off) HELP I'M WEIRD...(but it does stop me biting the nails!).

So the 1st Question is...... What "pointless" habbits do you have? and any remedies for mine??

Back with some more news and hopefully a couple of photos later.


Dawn (bagofscraps) said...

No remedies for yours I'm afraid!

I guess my pointless habit is tidying away toys at the end of the day. It only takes 1 minute the next morning for it to look exactly the same as it did the night before!

Jane said...

Yep, I am reading it now LOL Have to admit to not looking in for a while though. Chat soon